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    Cenway Trading
    Cenway Trading is  researches the demand and potential business mainly through trading platform. It supplies high additional value through on-site marketing information and increases the earth value through better utilization.
    Cenway is experienced in management and will offer advices on product development, to purchasing, production, storage, delivery and sales. It promotes the cooperation relationship between the customers and optimizes the efficiency of the whole supply chain.
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    Shanghai Cenway International Trading
    Shanghai Echem Fine Chemicals
    Shanghai Cenway International Trading and Shanghai Echem Fine Chemicals are both subsidiaries of Cenway Trading. The former was registered in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone and the latter was registered in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Zone.
    The staff is professional and experienced with dozens of years of international trading, production, storage, delivery and quality guarantee. We can supply powerful product and service to customers.

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