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    Beijing Cenway Bio-Energy Technology Co. Ltd.
    Cenway Bio-energy Technology Co. Ltd. was established in Beijing in 2010. Cenway Bio-energy is mainly engaged in technology research and development, promotion, industrialization and commercialization. Now instead of having to waste oil as raw material or intellectual property, Cenway uses two enzymes to produce bio-diesel. Compared with the existing international soda processes, Cenway uses enzymatic processes belonging to a subversive and innovative technologies. It has obvious advantages,such as high selectivity and mild reaction, raw materials that are easy to control, high conversion and yield rate, environmentally-friendly, excellent product quality and so on. Therefore, the development of the technology in the world has a huge value.
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    Hunan Cenway Bio-Energy Co. Ltd.
    Hunan Cenway Bio-Energy Co. Ltd. has a registered capital of 80 million yuan in Hunan. Beijing Cenway bio-energy technology company limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary. In 2013, Hunan Cenway successfully produced 20,000 tons of enzymatic equipment. In 2014, the high-quality production capacity of enzymatic equipment rose to 50,000 ton/year. Cenway bio-energy Ltd is China's 863 Program in Hunan: enzymatic production of bio-diesel, and the State "XV" scientific and technological project: fermentation of 1,3-propylene glycol project industrialization demonstration base.
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    Hubei Jingling Technology Co. Ltd.
    Hubei Jingling Technology Co. Ltd. is subsidiary of Cenway bio-energy technology company in Beijing. A capacity expansion in January 2015 will increase device capacity of 50,000 ton/year. 
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    Guangdong Cenway Bio-Energy Co. Ltd.
    Guangdong Cenway Bio-Energy Co. Ltd. 

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