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Beijing Cenway Bio-Energy Technology Co. Ltd.
Beijing Cenway Biological Energy Science CO., LTD was established in 2010, focusing on R&D, industrialization, commercialization of biodiesel. Currently we own property that using waste oil to produce biodiesel by two-enzyme method. Compared with alkali method, Cenway enzyme method has obvious advantages such as No materials limitation, no material pretreatment, no emission, lower cost, soft reaction process, less energy consumption etc. 
2013,    Acquired Hunan Hainabaichuan Biological Engineer CO., LTD
           Set up Hunan Cenway Biological Energy Science CO., LTD 
2014, Acquired Hubei Jingling Science & Technology CO., LTD
2015, To complete series of combined enzyme-chemical method production base
Cenway is to constantly supply environmental-friendly, qualified and safe bio-products and services.

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