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Environmental Awareness
Protecting and respecting the health of humanity
Cenway has put a great deal of R&D investment in researching and developing medications, medical apparatuses,instruments and surgical robots.
We hope to contribute to the harmonious development and virtuous cycle of human kind.
Building a clean and unpolluted environment with advanced technologies
We keep on innovating, selecting and developing green and environmentally friendly products and technologies from the source. For example,Cenway Biodiesel is a clean, recyclable energy source, which can turn the waste into treasure with low level of sulfur, faster degradation, non-aromatic substances, reducing vehicle exhaust pollution, high combustion efficiency and safe to store and transport, etc.
Green production, from industrial civilization to ecological civilization
Cenway invests a large amount of its budget for maintaining environmental and ecological harmony.
We aim to build a professional team to raise the level of environmental protection technologies.
Made positive social and economic benefits by using advanced technologies to recycle and reuse. 
Meanwhile, Cenway continued to carry out full energy saving and green production activities. 
Quality education, enhance personality civilization  
By training and promoting corporate culture, we emphasize self-awareness and self-discipline, continuously improve the collective wisdom and highlight to have the respect of the environment, caring for other people and live a harmonious life.

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