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Safety and Quality
Continuously improving quality & safety culture
Aim to enter the stage of “team-building” as our development goal.
Constantly improve from the primitive "strict supervision" stage to “Self-management”.  
Paying high attention to the balance of quality and safety with cost and speed.
Understanding of the long-term significance of quality and safety on development.
Cenway pursues mutual promotion and balance among safety, cost and speed.
Emphasis on the forward thinking of quality and safety management
Keep HAZOP analysis and CCP research by using the theory of constraints.
Encourage all staff to be involved in hazard analysis, critical control point optimization and solution proposal. Implement preventive measures in advance and constantly optimize standardized management.
Promote "Being a leader" and "respect for humanity."
15% of the quality and safety problems emerged from workers, 85% are rooted from internal management problems. Cenway emphasizes the core driving force of leadership during quality and safety management. Let our employees see, hear, and feel the emphasis and commitment of their leaders towards quality and security management.
Full respect of humanity, letting the employees feel the value of their work, triggering self-managements regarding quality and safety. By having our employees working happily, we will ensure a more standardized operation, making sure to provide products that will make customers feel more satisfied.

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