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New Materials
Cenway bromobutyl rubber is produced in a continuous process by reacting butyl rubber with bromine. Halogenation allows co-vulcanization and improved compatibility with other diene rubber types, in addition to improvements in the vulcanization rates, states of cure and reversion resistance.   With bromobutyl rubber however, the brominated sites are more reactive, resulting in faster cure and better adhesion to unsaturated rubber types. The versatility of halobutyl rubber has led to a significant growth of its use in a diverse range of tire and non-tire applications.   The key properties of bromobutyl rubber consist predominantly of saturated polyisobutylene. The halogen functionality makes it more reactive to cure systems, compared to butyl rubber. The vulcanizates have excellent resistance to weathering, ozone and hot air, very good resistance to acidic and basic chemicals, very low permeability to gases and liquids, high damping and low-temperature flexibility, balanced with good processing properties.

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